…Welcome Back

Main pic Happy New Year ya’ll! Yes, I stepped away for a while and took a blogging break.  Well maybe a little longer than a while.  I guess I got a little overwhelmed with life and trying to keep up.  I got a bit distracted by personal choices and also my 9-5 life. But stepping away was much needed.  It allowed me to gather myself and refocus on why I started this blog in the first place.  I gladly appreciate all the people who take time to stop by to read and comment here because that keeps me motivated to keep sharing my creations, adventures, and ideas. (more…)

Denim and Ruffles Refashion

Denim and Ruffles Refashion DIYLife has truly been hectic between juggling a new job position and moving.   So to dive right back into things I’m sharing a quick refashion I completed a while back. I found this denim and ruffles top dress for a $1 at one of my favorite thrift stores.  I was drawn to the details of the dress but the fit was not appealing at all; too big, too long, and unflattering.  (more…)

…Sewing Inspiration: Palazzo Pants

ChiChi Loves| Palazzo PantsPalazzo pants are one of those closet items that are the perfect mix of sexy and comfy.  They are just right for warm summer days and transition well into the fall season.  They are usually made of light weight fabrics that are forgiving and work well with all body shapes.  Worn with or without heels, these pants are ideal for running errands or grabbing dinner with the girls.  Palazzo pants are definitely being added to my ‘to sew’ list.

ChiChi Loves| Palazzo PantsImage credits: ChiChi Loves’ Pinterest

What do you think about these pants? Do you have a pair or have you had your eye on them but just haven’t made the leap?


A big congratulations to Rachel Baptiste, the winner of the tulle skirt giveaway!! Look out for an email with further instructions.  Thanks to all that participated in the contest…stay tuned for future ones to come.

…DIY Polka Dots Peplum Top

ChiChi Loves | DIY Peplum Top Vogue 8815I had a birthday outing to attend this past Saturday and like plenty of ladies, I didn’t have anything to wear. So instead of searching for something or even making a quick dash to the mall, I decided to create something to wear.  This wouldn’t have been a bad idea if I had a lot of time on my hands. But I literally had only 2 hours to complete a look. Can you say ‘marathon sewing’? (more…)

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